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Bow sights are one of the most important accessories for ensuring an accurate shot. In difficult conditions and low light, lights for bow sights are critical.

These small, lightweight accessories are often designed to fit a wide range of bow sights and provide different levels of light depending on your needs throughout the day.

Despite their importance, however, almost every sight light comes with a frustrating downside: they're attached to the sight bar with a simple piece of hook-and-loop fastener tape––a weak, clumsy fastener.

Without a better option, most archers simply accept the hassle of having to adjust the hook-and-loop fastener to keep the battery pack for their sight light tightly fastened and mounted straight. But it's often more than just a hassle –– it can create noticeable vibrations that affect every shot.

I knew there had to be a better way to mount the battery pack of a sight light.

So, I solved this problem with an original sight light mounting product designed specifically for archers using competition style sights equipped with dovetail extension bars, and now half-dovetail bars.

Made from one piece of machined aluminum, the Tight Lite comes equipped with a nylon thumb screw or stainless steel set screw to attach to the bar of most major brands of archery sights.

The back of the Tight Lite has pre-machined holes that provide access to the screw holes of most major lights on the market, should you need to replace a battery or a control panel.

The lighting device is mounted to the Tight Lite with a piece of very high bond double-sided tape. I can assure you, after all the testing we put the Tight Lite through, the tape is not coming off.

Tight Lite fits most dovetail and half-dovetail extension bars, comes in several colors, and is beloved by just about every archer who uses it.

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We know there's a lot of buzz in the industry now in regards to our “original” light mount vs. our competitor’s mount. 

The truth is there is no comparison.

Tight Lite Vs. Competitor

Tight Lite is made from machined aluminum and sight bar specific.

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The competition is a two-piece plastic assembly that comes with multiple screws and spacers for different sight bars.

The Tight Lite battery mounting surface is nearly three times the size of the competitor’s mounting surface.

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The competitor's smaller mounting surface allows for unwanted vibration and movement.

The Tight Lite is installed with a thumb screw for easy positioning and removal without tools.

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The competition mounts with two screws that can vibrate loose over time and require a tool to re-tighten.

The Tight Lite is secured with industry leading 3M™ VHB™ tape.

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The competition is secured with a narrow plastic clip.

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