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"The Tight Lite battery holder is the cleanest mount I have ever used. It holds the battery box in the most secure way which allows me to just focus on making the shot."

Alexis Ruiz
World No.1

I have coached all around the world. It is best when the archer has all the confidence in the world in their equipment. The Tight Lite battery holder gives the archer this confidence. Coach Mel Nichols, Coach Team USA, Owner Pineapple Archery Training Center

Coach Mel Nichols
Coach Team USA
Owner Pineapple Archery Training Center

"This is a well-made and original product that has put an end to the hook-and-loop fastener tape jungle of securing your sight light to a dovetail style sight. It mounts on almost any dovetail and allows for quick access on and of your bar for charging, switching from sight to sight, battery and panel access. Really a top notch product designed by necessity."


"Top shelf engineering. Best new archery product on the market in awhile. Love it!"


"This is a must! It fits tight and makes it easier to turn on and off!"


"Like the product a lot. So far no issues. Would highly recommend it to others."


"Works excellently and DOES NOT RATTLE! Awesome product."


"Jamie and everyone at Tight Lite has been great to work with. Our clients loved the bracket for their Sure-Loc sight, but we needed one for our Black Gold sights as they are a large part of our sight business. Jamie and his crew got to work and in no time, we had brackets for the Black Gold sight we sell. Great company and a great product."

Dan Hastings
A-1 Archery

"Personally, I can’t stand unnecessary sounds or accessories moving on my bow, and my sight light drove me crazy with the hook-and-loop fastener tape not staying in place. Fortunately, I found the Tight Lite System in Cincinnati at the Nationals. Tight Lite eliminated the need to use the hook-and-loop fastener supplied by most lighting systems, but still securely mounted my lighting system to my sight. The best purchase I’ve made this year."

Tony Pettiford
Martin Archery Pro Staff

"This is a must-have product for any aftermarket sight light setup. No more fighting hook-and-loop fasteners to get your light solid every time you need to charge or remove your sight for travel. Now I just loosen the screw to slide it on and off with a rock solid mount every time. No more fighting to hit the on button or adjust my brightness. This is one of the best additions to my setup in a long time."

Jared Farmer

"I found out about the Tight Lite from another archer at my local bow shop. I wanted to try it because the hook-and-loop straps on my light weren't holding it securely and it was rattling.

The Tight Lite is the BEST mounting system I have used for my light!

Communication was better than I could have asked for. Within minutes of messaging Tight Lite I had placed my order and two days later my Tight Lite was on my bow! Doesn’t get any quicker than that!

Tight Lite was very good at answering my questions about their product. I’ve recommended it to every archer that has seen it on my bow, it’s the best light mounting product out there."

Tyler Thygesen

"Ever since I first purchased my Z-Bros Sight Light I was disappointed in the mounting system, a hook-and-loop fastener. Really, this is the best you could come up with? Then one day I saw a post on Facebook about the Tight Lite bracket. Judging from appearance I thought this might be what I needed. Turns out I was right. I now have the Tight Lite bracket on both my target sights.

Jamie at Tight Lite has been a pleasure to deal with, always willing to help answer questions about the product. They got my Tight Lite bracket sent out in a timely manner.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for something more solid than the hook-and-loop fastener strap that comes with most sight lights."

Steve Williams

"Tight Lite is by far the most well-spent money for any of my bow accessories. I have been fighting with my light setup for years - everything from it rotating to vibration. Once I discovered Tight Lite, that all changed.

I now have a light that no longer gives me problems. This mounting system is rock solid. My only regret is that I didn't discover this product sooner. Thank you Tight Lite for a well-designed product and such excellent customer service."

Wade Sykes

"I read about the Tight Lite on Facebook and was very interested because it didn't use a hook-and-loop fastener. I contacted Jamie and got an instant response back. He had my order shipped the next day. I like the ease of removing it to work on and charge my light system. Waiting for the HHA one to come out for my hunting bow. Great product."

Alan Potter

"I've been target shooting for 20 years and it's always the simple things that get overlooked in gear and shooting equipment. I was so grateful to find Tight Lite for my Sweet Spot Pro. It's absolutely perfect. Flawlessly machined and doesn't move. Couldn't ask for more."

Kevin Kruse

"I purchased two Tight Lites--one for my CBE Vertex 1/2 dovetail and one for my son’s Toxonic Naildriver dovetail. These mounts are amazing. They are secure and never rattle during the shot."

Joe Spicer

"I bought my Tight Lite in April of 2019 after seeing a post about it on a Facebook archery site. Communication was fast and accurate and I received it in less than a week. It is made well and fit my sight perfectly. This worked great with my ZBros light kit and I can swap it between my open class set up to my 5 pin dovetail just by loosening the thumb screw. This product makes the light controller stable and adds a little color to your setup."

Mike Stanton

"I first saw Tight Lite on Facebook and was seriously interested. Looked super sturdy, created a clean mount, and the colors stood out. Hook-and-loop fasteners are great, but I've lost many bands that hold my ZBros lights on, and I've had to "improvise" a way to mount my light.

I met Jamie and the staff in Paris, Texas, and bought three units. Shot the same day my mount was assembled and it was PERFECT. I spent some time asking Jamie questions about how he came up with the design and he was super detailed with its history. Great story by the way.

Tight Lite even contacted me to see how I liked the mount a few weeks after the purchase. I've not only recommended the mount to numerous archers, I've specifically told several to buy them at various tourneys AND each one of them totally thanked me for the recommendation. Now multiple shooting partners own multiple units. Great innovative and practical product!"

Bruce Despommier

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