Tight Lite

Tight Lite Dock Kit

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Over the past 18 months we’ve been asked by many archers if and when we would have a mount available for the direct mounted sights. That time is now. Introducing the Tight Lite Dock Kit. It's made of machined aluminum with the thought of weight and simplicity to help archers rid the need for the pesky hook and loop fasteners. Simply mount the Dock to any of the unused holes on your direct mounted sight, attach your lighting device to our newest bracket and enjoy the same freedom that archers with dovetail sights have been enjoying since our release. Our newest bracket not only works with the Dock, it can also be used on a wide variety of dovetail sight bars including Axcel, CBE Vertix & CBE Elevate, Sure Loc Challenger & Supreme, and the Shibuya.

Kit includes:

  • (1) Tight Lite Bracket that fits Axcel, CBE Elevate & Vertix, Sure Loc Challenger & Supreme and Shibuya dovetail sight bars.
  • (1) Dock and necessary hardware to mount it to a unused hole on a direct mounted sight.